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In his latest book, THE SILENT AGREEMENT, Wil Shelton prepares Black executives and their allies to go toe to toe with white corporate America by explaining how boxing techniques can prepare them for the fight of their lives. Shelton explains the below-the-belt tactics white corporate leaders use to knock out African American executives and prevent them from reaching positions of leadership, and he empowers Black executives to successfully punch above their weight class to turn what has historically been a fixed fight into a victory for racial equity in corporate America.

You Will Discover:

• How to fi ght day-to-day racism in exchange for a chance in the ring

• How to get on the “right side” of the ropes

• How to execute “bobbing and weaving” tactics to win the fi ght

• How to take a fi rm stand and get your seat at the table

Suppose you’ve never had a conversation with Wil Shelton one on one; well, here is your chance. Reading the Silent Agreement will give you life and give you a mental workout unlike you’ve ever had. Each chapter works with another different muscle in your brain. If you’ve ever felt that corporate America doesn’t understand, value, or even appreciate your journey as a person of color. Then this book is for you. My advice is to stretch before you read this book because Wil will not take it easy on you or your feelings.

—Keni Thacker, Founder / Chief Creative Officer

100 Roses From Concrete

“Reading The Silent Agreement may hit you in your feelings and cause you to sway a little but do not let it knock you out. Keep bobbing and weaving. Learn how to take a punch as well as give one. Most of all, understand that we are fighting for change, not having a conversation. Put your mental gloves on and let’s get at it.”

—Derek Walker, CEO

Browner and Browner Advertising

“If you’re curious as to why Black executives aren’t comfortable bringing their ‘full selves’ to work, read Wil Shelton’s penetrating new book. In it you’ll get a wealth of insights as to why working in corporate America remains quite damaging to Blacks' mental health and you’ll get actions steps for change.”

Jason P. Chambers, Associate Professor

University of Illinois 

“African Americans working in corporate America must read The Silent Agreement. If you have been silent about racism you experienced in the workplace or overlooked for positions, this book is for you. It empowers you to get in the ring and be the champion you are destined to be.”

Walter T Geer III, Executive Creative Director

Experience Design

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